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What's a Boil?

Lowcountry Boil known variously as Frogmore Stew, Beaufort Stew, Beaufort Boil, Hoppin John, Shrimp Boil, or Tidewater Boil, is a meal served at social gatherings in coastal South Carolina and Georgia traditionally made with shrimp, corn on the cob, sausage, and red potatoes.
The Lowcountry is generally described as the coastal area of South Carolina that stretches from Pawleys Island southward to the mouth of the Savannah River at the Georgia state line. The African Gullah slaves brought to the Carolina Colony used the similarities between the culinary environments of the Lowcountry and the African West Coast. The one pot cookery that Gullah cuisine is known for was a major influence in the development of this classic Lowcountry meal. Frogmore Stew as it's called by some is said to have originated in Frogmore, a little cross roads town on St. Helena’s Island, one of the South Carolina Sea Islands that was once home to many Gullah.

At Lowcountry Boil Company we assemble Jumbo Shrimp, house-smoked Andouille Sausage, Redskin Potatoes, and sweet Corn on the Cob layered together and generously seasoned with our custom Boil Blend to prepare this classic meal which also includes our house-made cocktail sauce along with creamy southern Coleslaw, fresh baked Cornbread Muffin and Honey Butter.

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